Beard Roller Refresher

Beard Roller Refresher

Clean Roller, Healthy Beard

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For use with Beard Roller. Cleans and preps surface.

Your Activating Beard Roller creates micro-channels in your skin every time you use it. That means it’s picking up skin cells and other microscopic debris with every roll. If you don’t clean your roller between uses, you run the risk of “stuff” growing on it.

This spray will keep your Roller clean between uses. It will kill any “stuff” trying to grow on your roller and extend the life of the titanium micro-needles.


Ethyl Alcohol 70%, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Extract, Carbomer, Dimethicone, Triisopropanolamine, Aqua (Water)

Should I use this on my skin?
No. This will dry out your skin, because it is alcohol-based. This is our only alcohol-based product. We did this to give it maximum germ-killing power.

How often should I use this on my Roller?
After every use to keep it clean and extend its life.

If I don’t use this, will it limit the effectiveness of the other beard growth products?
No. It will keep your Roller clean and help you have a sanitary beard growing experience. It will help or limit the growth ingredients in the Activating Beard Serum or stop the Roller from promoting new growth.

How long does it last?
One 1oz bottle will last you up to 3 months.

Apply a few sprays to Activating Beard Roller between uses to keep titanium needles fresh. Not intended for use on skin.

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Keep Your Roller and Face Clean

We chose Titanium to make the needles on our Activating Beard Roller for its anti-bacterial properties. But even this premium alloy can only do so much.

Each micro-needle on your roller gets covered in microscopic debris with every use. This debris can lead to germs growing on the head of your Roller. If you don’t clean it, you will spread these germs all over your face the next time you roll. And you’ll decrease the life of the needles.

Our Beard Roller Refresher is a sanitizing combination of Alcohol and Aloe Vera to kill germs and keep your Roller fresh and germ-free. It lets you cleanly and confidently continue on your beard growing journey.

Supply Founders: Patrick and Jennifer Coddou
Who We Are

We’re Patrick and Jennifer Coddou. We started Supply over seven years ago with the goal of making the best razors and shave gear on the planet.

So, why did we start making beard products? Because our real goal is to inspire men everywhere to live their best lives every day. We want men to live confident, full lives.

For some men that means having a thick, lustrous, masculine beard. And we’re here for it. You're already a real man. Now you can be a real man with a beard.  A clean one.

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